Bodegas Túnel

Túnel, Mallorcan culture 


Túnel de Mallorca
is a century-old brand founded in the Mallorcan town of Bunyola at the end of the 19th century.  For years it has been the best-selling and best-known brand of herbs, both locally and internationally, exporting to numerous European countries. 

The company has been the driving force behind the CEE geographical designations "Herbes de Mallorca" and "Palo de Mallorca". It is, without a doubt, an indispensable part of Balearic gastronomy, as Bodegas Tunel SA is the largest beverage distributor in the Balearic Islands (selling only spirits, wines and sparkling wines) and one of the largest in Spain, especially along the Mediterranean coast. It distributes more than 800 references all over the world, with a team of more than 100 people. 

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