Our gateway allows to automatically import to the ERP the economic and financial information generated from the PMS. 
The extension allows you to easily configure the data transfer process. This allows the information to be automatically registered in each hotel's company.

The communication between the ERP and the HOTEL is done automatically in the schedule that is determined. The user only has to check that the information has been correctly registered in each of the fiscal companies.

The system allows connection with the main property management systems (PMS) available in the market such as AVALON, QUOHOTEL, TIMON, NORAY, SIHOT, PROTEL. This allows our customers to expand their operations without being limited by the origin of the information.

Main features


Hotel & PMS

The system allows unlimited individual hotel configurations.


Scheduling theinformation import of allows a significant time saving for the user. 

In addition, the system has an IMPORT LOG that informs us of the status of each of the documents: pending, registered, incorrect (informs the reason).



Controls are in place to prevent any data from being imported more than once.