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Power BI gathers data, processes it and transforms it into easy-to-understand information through charts and graphs, giving you a clear picture of the real-time status of your business.  

Power BI connects to a variety of data sources, from basic Excel spreadsheets to databases, and on-premises and cloud-based applications.  

Advantages of
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Facilitate your organisation's decision making with real-time, actionable data through interactive reports and dashboards designed with Power BI. 

You can collect, examine and visualise data from across the company allowing you to fully understand the state of the business, through the analysis of operations and performance, allowing you to make more informed decisions based on real data. 

At Dynasoft Group we have a team of experts in the creation of dashboards and reports, which will help reduce the time spent on decision making. 

Power BI 
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Thanks to our level of "Microsoft Gold Partner", our AGILE working methodologies and our team of experts in Power BI, we can provide differential value when implementing a BI project in your organisation.


Based on the needs of each of your departments/users, we design the most appropriate data set to respond to user/department requests through reports and dashboards. 

Our team of experts will recommend dashboard and report formats that meet the information needs of each of your end users, as well as assisting you in the creation of new reports. 

Thanks to our experience managing Power Bi projects from scratch, we can help you to facilitate change management by training and empowering key users in your organisation. 

In Dynasoft Group we have a support system that facilitates the resolution of incidents. One of our objectives in the implementation of Power BI projects is that the end user is able to solve incidents by himself,