Dynasoft's development team has developed a suite of enhancements to extend Microsoft Dynamics Business Central's ability to reconcile receivables and payments with banks.

Download the files from the online banking platform and upload them directly into Bussiness Central to start taking advantage of our functionality extension features, which will help you make the tedious process of bank reconciliation more flexible.

Main Features


Some of the 

- Reconciliation of N lines of the statement with N lines of the Bank in the ERP. 
- Warns if there's another reconciliation open for the same entity.
- Warns about the discontinuity of the statement numbering.
- Informative list of reconciled lines.
- Date of reconciliation registered.
- Import Standard 43.

Data Exchange

The system is prepared to import data from different entities.


Optimize time 
and updated information

Saves time in the process of launching the automatic reconciliation.
Allows the user to know which bank transactions are pending reconciliation and improves the historical record of reconciliations.