Alua Hotels

Alua Hotels, the essence of the Balearic Islands 


Alua Hotels is committed to creating hotels and resorts that express the appeal of the Balearic Islands, seeking to create an incredible holiday experience for its guests, making them make the most of their trip and become part of the destination. From the special gastronomy of the area, delicious cuisine that stands out for its traditional recipes waiting to be discovered, to the typical customs and entertainment of the locals. Alua offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy the style and decoration of the resort according to the destination, and also to live in an authentic and pure environment, making them feel welcomed and immersed in a new culture.  

It also relies on technology to facilitate the user experience. From smart doors, to bracelet payments, to a Mac room with high-speed internet. And, of course, a company that is so aware of technology chooses to count on Dynasoft as a trusted partner for Microsoft Dynamics BC.