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The IP Telephony service goes beyond what traditional telephony allows, offering multiple services related to voice and communications, integrating it into your data network. Unlike the conventional telephone line, there is the possibility of being able to make several calls simultaneously, without having to wait for the line to be free.

Phone system

It distinguishes itself from the competition with its easy installation and administration. Setup takes minutes and can run on an existing Windows machine (not necessarily dedicated) or virtualised on a Hyper-V or VMware instance.

Plug & play 

To configure an IP Phone, simply plug the phone into your network and 3CX Phone System will automatically detect it, allowing you to download the configuration. 3CX Clients for smartphones can be easily deployed via email, and software updates are automatic, eliminating help desk calls.


- Advanced configuration templates for supported IP Phones
- No need to decrypt IP Phone settings
- Automatic configuration of phones for office or remote use
- Guaranteed interoperability and 3CX support for supported models
- 3CX PBX licenses are priced according to the number of simultaneous calls (internal and external) that your company needs to make.
- All licenses support an unlimited number of extensions.