Thanks to Dynasoft Real State Management, you can efficiently and easily control every transaction related to each asset. Keep a detailed track record, not only in the accounting and administrative aspects but also in the tax realm, monitoring the evolution of your real estate assets.

Our innovative platform simplifies the entire process through intelligent records of a new type of resource (Real Estate), allowing you to maintain precise and uncomplicated control. Additionally, thanks to this unique functionality, the fields related to statements 347 (VAT Tax Norm product) and 180 (PIT Tax Norm product) are automatically completed, saving you time and effort.



Control your asset accounting

Generate real estate asset records in Business Central, where you can record all the necessary information to control your properties. These records will generate a log of movements each time a purchase or sale document is registered. Not only operational data, but the record also includes all information related to tax and administrative procedures.



Dynasoft Real State integrates with our advanced fiscal management module, allowing you to generate models 180 and 347.


For your
peace of mind

The system drastically reduces the time dedicated by the finance and administration team to manage real estate assets.