KNOWLEDGE: We concentrate in a single extension all the small improvements transmitted by our customers, a hub of knowledge and best practices.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: This way we can safely and efficiently help our customers in their day-to-day business.

NO ADDITIONAL COST: Once the extension is subscribed, the customer receives the improvements, which are continuously put into service, with no surprises in the bill.

Main Features



- Purchasing document: copy description of lines in supplier's movement. 
- Visulasation "CIF/NIF" in Customers / Suppliers /Hco Invoices and Credit Memos.
- Validate DNI in customer file.
- Auto fill 'Document type' field in an effective receipt journal.
- Copy Schema in own company or in another company.
- Chart of accounts: allows to select Accounts Payable/ Receivable balances.
- Redesign of the import of Banking Rule 43.
- Inclusion of the ISO code in the SEPA export.
- Display of the BALANCE in bank movements.
- Possibility of configuring a default dimension in records (Source Code) for automatic processes.
- Renumber Payments Journal by Record Date and Document.
- To take out field nº entry in mov accounting.


- Option to leave the regularization entry in the journal.
- Send report to several users through the project queue.
- Letter of payments - We inform our suppliers about the documents to be paid.
- E-mail notification in case the project queue could not be generated.
- Show in Purchasing/Sales details status of delivery notes.
- Function to check if there are unassigned accounts in Financial Reports (Accounts Schema).
- Improved information in accounting by adding the name of the source code.
- Control over check digit: Bank, Customer Bank and Supplier Bank.
- Option to inform the user about the journal entry number and document number registered.
- Send a report as the body of an e-mail.
- Reflect in accounting the description of the registered documents.
- In Payment Journal, include the supplier's document number.


- Uneditable by default view in VAT and Chart of Accounts declarations.
- Edit text for RGPD in footer for sales documents.
- Enrichment of information in registered sales and purchase documents.
- Invoice delivery and return delivery notes in the same document.
- Expand functionality in supplier reporting requirements.