At Dynasoft we have developed a tool that allows the customer to monitor the processes of direct sales and cash control within Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. In this way we provide you with a point of sale terminal (POS) 100% integrated with the accounting, warehouse and sales modules.

Dynasoft ERPoS allows you to have unique and updated information about customers, suppliers, products, warehouses ..., as well as all the functionality of the ERP Business Central itself. 

In addition, this extension is integrated with the other extensions of the DYNASOFT suite, so it interacts seamlessly with other extensions such as DYN Advanced Management SII to report invoices to the Immediate Information System of the AEAT.

Main features


Integrated with
Business Central 

It facilitates the maintenance of the master information of our point of sale.

This extension allows you to offer items, send emails, manage daily sales of both cash and credit customers, advances, control of the different shifts, arches and virtual cash closures prior to the final one. 

Sales Process

ERPoS allows to control, within Business Central, the complete process of direct sales to the public.


to your business 

ERPoS is designed to have one line of information that ends at the system's register.

Success stories