The Microsoft Dynamics Business Central system allows the user to tag the accounting entries, and thus perform in-depth analysis without the need to extend the chart of accounts to infinity. The standard dimension modifier only changes the dimension in Mov. accounting; using our utility, the dimensions in most of the associated records are updated.

Main features



Allows dimension values to be corrected without the need to make a counter-entry.

Allows the user to correct the dimension value without the need to make a counter entry, which speeds up the analytical accounting tasks. In addition, it can be done line by line or in batch.

Speed up

Improves the analysis capabilities of Dynamics Business Central.


Better accounting Control 

Allows to correct dimensions in batch to speed up the correction work.

The Dimension Modifier also works on :
- The accounting transaction line. 
- Related analysis views. 
- Related Customer movements. 
- Related supplier movements. 
- Related bank movements. 
- Related product movements. 
- Related sales invoices and credit memos (header and rows). 
- Related purchase invoices and credit memos (header and lines). 

Success stories

Dimension Modifier