Cimsa, more than wood; dedication. 

A pioneering company from Mallorca in the timber import and sales market, founded by Don Juan March Ordinas in the 1920s, under the name of "Compañía Industrial Mercantil SA".  

Its market also included the sale of iron for construction and the distribution of San Miguel beer. In 1987 it became "Compañía Insular Mercantil SA", and since then it has been exclusively dedicated to the timber and timber products market.  

CIMSA has three warehouses (Palma, Manacor and Ibiza) for the development of its main activity, the import and sale of all types of products related to wood, boards, wood derivatives and other accessories. They currently have a large team that is prepared, both commercially and technically, to guarantee professional and efficient customer service.  

 Cimsa trusts in Dynasoft Group for the implementation of the Microsoft Business Central programme.