Altura Destination Services

Altura Destination, creating synergies 


Altura Destination Services is one of the leading companies for professionals in the international tourism sector. It is a DMC with its head office in Mallorca and a portfolio of directly contracted hotels. 

Altura's first commitment is to support and adapt its services to the needs of each client. Their business model and IT systems help them to perform daily tasks in a much more efficient and secure way. Altura has over 30 years of business relationships with the major hotel chains and hundreds of independent hotels that make the difference. 

Altura has been working as an incoming agency for more than 10 years and what sets Altura apart from other suppliers are its special agreements with some independent hotels and hotel chains. This is what makes their rates in these hotels really competitive and different from the rest of the market. 

 Another strong point of Altura is the synergy they have with the company Hoteles Globales with more than 31 hotels in the main tourist destinations in Spain, Europe and America. 

In addition to their direct contracts, they have special agreements with allied partners with especially competitive prices and a total portfolio of more than 60,000 hotels. In addition, they also offer transfer services, excursions, groups and a wide range of other services.