Workshop #1 - Mallorca Digital Hospitality Program

At Dynasoft we are very excited to be able to participate in the first edition of the Mallorca Digital Hospitality Program.

After the presentation last Thursday 9th, where we were able to enjoy the keynote speeches of Pablo Soito Rodríguez and Pau Garcia-Milà on technology and digital transformation, we inform you when and where the first session or workshop of the programme will be held, in which we will talk about digitalisation in the back office, sustainability and communication with the customer to improve revenue, save costs and improve the experience of hotel guests.

Registration is now open for the first face-to-face workshop of the #MallorcaDigitalHospitalityProgram of FEHM, Federación Empresarial Hotelera de Mallorca and Schôolers.

We will have the participation of experts in these areas from the best technological companies and we will share experience, tips and benefits that have been experienced by hoteliers and independent hotels.


   - Paquita Álvarez Juan - Chief commercial officer & product manager of Eisi Soft
   - Antonio Álvarez - CEO Visionary Hospitality
   - Benjamin Devisme - VP Sales at Quicktext
   - Sebastián Xamena Binimelis - CEO Value Group
   - Xavier López Llull - Digital Transformation programme initiator and Co-founder of Schô
   - Joan Mateos - Managing Partner of Sinergies

Don't get distracted and register as soon as possible!!! Registrations open with limited capacity:

The workshop will take place at the FEHM headquarters, located at 215 Aragón Street, 3rd floor, in the CAEB building.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team at or telephone 971 35 99 57.