Tourism in Spain will continue to grow in 2023

The desired “return to normality” is getting closer, according to forecasts. Above all, given the growing number of international tourists who want to visit Spain and the growing number of Spanish tourists who want to see the world outside our country. Thus, Pilar Crespo, general director of Spain and Portugal, reports that "2023 will be a good year for tourism, both nationally and internationally, despite the uncertain times we are going through."

Among the trends of foreign travelers, Spain stands out especially, especially among travelers from Colombia, the United Kingdom, Canada and China, who place Barcelona, ​​El Arenal and Port d'Alcúdia among their top 3 most booked destinations.

On the other hand, national destinations also receive growing interest in travel abroad, with destinations considered the most popular for next year, in this order: Marrakech, Budapest and London. This represents a drastic change from the 2022 predictions, as the most popular destinations for travelers were mostly domestic.

Last year, already indicated that international travel will return next year, but also reported new forms of tourism. Among these new forms are virtual and survival trips. Above all, now, after the pandemic and other unfavorable situations that have caused many clients to prefer to spend more on trips than on other things.