The deployment of version 24 of Dynamics Business Central is just around the corner

Dynamics 365 Business Central: Version 24 brings exciting new features and improvements for small and medium-sized organizations. In this article, we will explore the key features and provide an overview of this version.


Business Central is the leading business management application in the small and medium-sized business sector. Its great ability to automate and optimize business processes, offering scalability, adaptability, and a wide range of capabilities, makes it a strategic ally for all company teams. Of course, it is key in administration and finance, but it also offers solutions for sales, purchasing, warehouse, treasury, or human resources. With Business Central, companies can efficiently manage their finances, supply chain, manufacturing, shipping, projects, services, and more, with a tool that is 100% integrated with other Microsoft solutions like Excel, Word, Sales, Customer Service, or Power BI. Additionally, organizations can easily add specific functionalities of their sector or region by selecting applications from leading independent software vendors through the marketplace and customizing the application according to their specific business needs. Simplicity guides innovations in design, development, deployment, and ease of use of products, Business Central is designed to grow as your businesses do.

Here is a brief summary of the improvements available in the system:

  • Project Archiving: This feature allows for an orderly record of past projects, improving data retrieval and decision-making.
  • Usability in Services and Projects: Improvements have been made to the interface and navigation, facilitating the execution of related tasks.
  • Blocking Items in Service Transactions: Ensures that unauthorized changes are not made in critical transactions.
  • Effective Financial Consolidation: The configuration of financial consolidations has been made more efficient, simplifying report management.
  • Multiline Text Export and Import: Data migration and system collaboration are facilitated with configuration packages.
  • Simplified Connection with Shopify: The integration with Shopify has been optimized to benefit online businesses.
  • Fractionation Codes: The management of these codes in purchase and sales journals has been simplified, improving transaction tracking.
  • Integration with Field Service: This integration improves collaboration and customer response by uniting field services with central operations.
  • Service Billing Directive: Allows for the establishment of clear policies for invoice registration, ensuring consistency and compliance.
  • Document Attachment Management: The administration of documents in articles and services has been facilitated, improving access and traceability.
  • Default Location for Projects: Defines standard locations for projects or phases, optimizing resource allocation.
  • Error Correction in Service Billing: Common billing errors have been addressed to improve accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • Revaluation of General Ledger Accounts: Ensures that balances accurately reflect the financial reality.
  • Efficient Time Sheets: The management of time sheets has been simplified, increasing productivity.
  • Package Numbers as Tracking Dimensions: Improves inventory visibility and control.
  • Billing for Multiple Projects: Facilitates billing a client for several projects, simplifying account management.
  • New Excel Designs for Reports: New designs have been introduced for 35 reports, improving data presentation.



For reports and data analysis, tools have been enhanced to:

  • Analyze, Group, and Energize Data: Enabling more dynamic and insightful data handling.
  • Use Metadata in Excel: Leveraging static and runtime metadata available in Excel for advanced data manipulation.
  • Translatable Excel Designs: Creating Excel layouts that can be easily translated, facilitating international use.
  • Share Data Analysis: Empowering colleagues to collaborate on data insights.



Furthermore, the latest version expands the AI and Copilot functionality, enhancing productivity across various SMB roles with:

  • Chat with Copilot: Direct interaction for assistance.
  • Marketing Text Suggestions with Copilot: Efficient generation of marketing content.
  • Bank Account Reconciliation with Copilot: A faster and more efficient process.
  • Generative AI Integration: Utilizing advanced models to improve automation and workflows. Governance and administration have also been strengthened, providing administrative users with more functionalities.



Regarding legislation, capabilities have been introduced that can serve as a basis for more specific requirements in local versions, such as:

  • Direct Shipments for Intrastat Triangular Trade
  • Global Electronic Documents Core
  • Digital Vouchers
  • Large Companies to Report Payment Times
  • Updated and Improved Configuration Data
  • VAT Registration in Accounting Setup


Finally, the user experience is constantly enriched thanks to user contributions, making the ERP more intuitive and accessible from mobile devices, with improvements in data search and navigation.

The Dynasoft team is at your disposal to help you discover all the advantages that Business Central can bring to your organization. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team to learn about all the new features and explore all the functionality that Microsoft makes available to the market.