The Balearic Islands lead the ranking of the most profitable tourist destinations in 2022

The improvement in prices and occupancy has led to an increase in the volume of business of the tourist centers

The summer ends with great differences in the evolution of income and profitability in terms of companies and tourist destinations. Since, both the tourist centers and the urban destinations increased their volume of business. This is indicated by the "Barometer of profitability and employment of the 100 main Spanish destinations" prepared by Exceltur.

The increase in prices registered between June and September, above all, due to the increase in costs, but also due to the effort of some businesses to improve their offer with new products as part of their commitment to renewal.

However, the improvement in revenue did not translate to the same extent into the bottom line due to sharp increases in energy, utility and labor costs. The increase in prices (+15.8% compared to 2019) is even lower than the increase in average costs. Energy costs have increased by 32.8%, those of other public services by 18.1% and those of labor by 10.4%, according to the latest Exceltur survey.

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The resorts on the Mediterranean coast and on the Balearic and Canary Islands obtained the best results compared to 2019, with a 12.2% increase in revenue per room and an average of 102.9 euros.

The tourist centers with the best offer of products and the highest income are the ones that have finished the summer best, with Ibiza at the head of the classification.


The cities ended the summer with an average income per room of 91.4 euros, 7.2% more than in the same period of 2019. This shows that there has been an improvement driven by the reactivation of summer stays, the "city breaks" and the MICE segment, specifically, meetings, incentives, conventions and events that have increased since September. The average daily rate increased by 12%, although occupancy was slightly below pre-pandemic levels with a decrease of 4.3%, due to the absence of some long-distance markets, such as Asia.

Cities with a more coastal holiday profile and with international demand such as Alicante, Elche, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Málaga, Palma and Valencia showed the best results, as did some smaller cities such as Badajoz, Lleida, Jaén and León.

The large inland cities, where cultural tourism has a greater weight and which are more in demand by the Asian markets, registered similar results to those of 2019, also influenced by the high temperatures of the last summer season. This is the case of Madrid, Granada, Seville and Córdoba, or, on the other hand, San Sebastián which, with 170 euros per bed, leads the ranking of cities with the highest income level.