Spain reached 72 million foreign tourists in 2022

In 2022 Spain received 71.6 million foreign tourists. These travellers spent 87,061 million euros, an increase of 149.4% compared to the previous year 2021, according to statistics published on Thursday by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

The main source markets were the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Total expenditure by tourists was 87,061 million euros. And the country that spent the most was the United Kingdom, with 17,145 million euros, followed by Germany, with 11,513 million, and France, with 8,149 million.

On the other hand, the Balearic Islands was the second autonomous community with the most foreign visitors in 2022, with Mallorca being one of the most visited destinations at an international level, of which we are very proud. It is followed by the Canary Islands, with 17.2%. And in first position is the autonomous community of Catalonia.

According to these figures and the INE, the expectations we had of recovering most of the pre-pandemic international tourists have been fulfilled, but the most important thing is that spending and the average stay have increased, and this means an improvement in the quality and profitability of our sector," said the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto.

More than 59 million tourists travelled to Spain by air, representing an increase of 142.5%. And approximately 11 million travellers arrived by road. The main reason for the visit was leisure, recreation and holidays. For this reason, almost 62.1 million people arrived, 135.6% more than in 2021.

As for the form of travel organisation, 54.1 million travelled without a package tour, 116.2% more than in 2021, while 17.4 million opted for an organised trip, 183.9% more than in 2021.

Finally, the autonomous communities that benefited most from the disbursement of these visitors were the Canary Islands, with 17,452 million euros, Catalonia, with 16,461 million, and the Balearic Islands, with 15,220 million.