Dynasoft supports women's sport

Maria Antonia Sastre is proclaimed Spanish Olympic shooting champion in Jaén.

In Dynasoft Group we are committed to excellence and innovation, but not only in the technological field, also in the social and sporting field. We collaborate with different sports entities such as Palma Futsal or Azul Marino Basquet and with the recently proclaimed champion of Spain in Olympic Shooting in the modality of Air Carbine and in the Ladies Category.

Sastre concludes an exceptional year of participation in international competitions. Her progress during this period has been highlighted by her recent participation in renowned events, such as the World University Games held in the Chinese city of Chengdu last August, where she came eighth, and the World Championship. At the Spanish Olympic Shooting Championships, he secured fourth place in the qualifying round, which guaranteed him a place in the grand final. During the decisive day, the high level of competition was evident from the very first shots. In a close competition for the title, Sastre managed to prevail over the skills of Paula Grande from La Rioja and Inés Martinon from Catalonia. The latter gave way to the extraordinary precision of the Mallorcan shooter, who took the victory in a thrilling battle for supremacy.

The eighth position obtained by Sastre at the World University Games guarantees her participation in international competitions over the next six months. Her outstanding performance at the World Championships in Baku (Azerbaijan) has consolidated her as one of the most prestigious shooters in the world, adding valuable experience to her career.

Looking ahead to 2024, backed by the Dynasoft Group, Sastre is preparing to take on the European Championships in Hungary and the World Cup in Granada, both scheduled for February. Her recent success at the Spanish Championships propels her with renewed confidence towards these upcoming international challenges.

Aware of the unifying and motivating power of sport, Dynasoft chose years ago to support initiatives that promote health, teamwork and the fundamental values that make society great.