Dynasoft Group: supporting AzulMarino Básquet Mallorca to new heights

Following our social commitment, at Grupo Dynasoft, we actively collaborate in promoting grassroots sports because it embodies the values we have championed since our inception and has brought us to where we are. On this occasion, we want to talk about one of our most exciting projects, AzulMarino Viajes Mallorca Sant Josep, the only Balearic women's basketball team with a place in the professional category.

Nneka Ezeigbo battling for the ball.

It's no news that Grupo Dynasoft supports local sports; last year, our sponsorship of Palma Futsal stood out. However, for this season, we have decided to focus on women's sports. On December 13th, we talked about our Olympic shooter, Maria Antonia Sastre. Today, it's the turn of the basketball girls.

Sant Josep is a true institution in Mallorcan sports and one of the most prominent springboards for Balearic grassroots sports. Established in 1953, it has been a prominent pillar in the basketball scene in the Balearic Islands. Notably, this club has been the birthplace of globally recognized players, such as the multi laureated Rudy Fernández or Alba Torrens, along with other basketball stars like Marta Fernández and Gaby Ocete.

The club has a clear comprehensive and cross-cutting vocation that can represent the entire island. After successfully achieving this goal in the first season in the Liga Femenina 2, the team enters its second year in one of the most prominent national competitions. The main objective is to progress while maintaining the rooted philosophy of having a group of local players, thus promoting the project's identification with the young basketball promises in Mallorca. Additionally, the continuous transmission of fundamental values that sports represent is sought. Club Bàsquet Sant Josep Obrer stands as a beacon of Balearic basketball, uniting the community through passion for the game and the formation of local talent that shines both nationally and internationally.

Italian forward, Giulia Ciavarella (26 years old, 1.82m), taking a shot

According to the club's own principles, "We aspire to become the reference basketball team for all fans in Mallorca. Thinking of basketball is thinking of our project. Creating a professional structure in all club levels that allows it to succeed in ascending to the LIGA ENDESA. Long-term vision and management to consolidate a project with a vocation for permanence."

At Grupo Dynasoft, we are excited to launch this initiative in support of women's basketball. We firmly believe that access to sports activities from an early age contributes to the comprehensive development of children and adolescents. Supporting local teams helps establish role models, close and attainable, for the youngest, creating awareness about the importance of grassroots sports in the holistic growth of children. Participation in sports activities not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also instills fundamental values such as teamwork, discipline, and mutual respect, principles that are integral to our business project.